The elevator is very sensitive to alignment since the structure is not very stable without the skin.

Elevator alignment before riveting.

Right side looks good
Left side too



M3 rivnuts mounted to the trim servo. The holes need to be enlarged for the M3 rivnuts and it feels like you can break the servo mounting plate easily. To secure the rivnuts even more I applied a bit of superglue to each of them. I’d like to do M3’s with the hand tool, because it’s easy to break things with the electric rivnut puller.…

Fitting the elevaror tips needs more then two hands…

The balance counter weight holes in elevator rib 4 need to be enlarged to fit the big 4.8mm rivets.
After removing the plastic, I write the one or two digit part number onto the part. That’s much easier
than using the long TAF part number.
Deburring with a steel ruler and cleaning with SimpleGreen. Before priming the parts are cleaned again with silicon remover.