Rivet Head Filling

On the left wing I used another method. The rivet heads are being filled with two component epoxy resin mixed with “glass micro balls”. The glass micro balls look like white powder and make the epoxy resin a bit thicker, but still easy to push through the syringe needle. The rivet heads need to be filled carefully from the bottom. Otherwise you get air bubbles and the cut surface might have a hole in it. The resin will cure for several days. After 24h you can cut the little dome of epoxy with a sharp knife (scalpel) and get a nice flat surface. For me this is much easier than the other method with epoxy filler.

I used a two component Epoxy filler with lots of 10ml syringes. The Epoxy filler will start to harden in about 5min and it gets really hard to fill any more rivets. It took about 20 syringes to finisch the right wing. The wood adapter saves your fingers from wearing out fast. After a few hours I used a Dremel to sand off the excess material, which creates a lot of dust and you need to wear a mask. This method took me a few days for the right wing and I’ll try another method next time.