Right Wing

Flap and aileron needed to be riveted while being mounted to the wing. The alignment was quite easy and I could rivet the leading edges of the two parts.

Finaly the wing tip is mounted and the right wing is almost complete.

After the successful pressure test, I mounted the first tank. The four AN3 bolts to secure the tank at the wing root were not an easy fit but doable.

Wiring for the landing and taxi lights completed and the leading edge skin mounted.

Preparation of the leading edge skin.

Create a good connection between 2 wires if you are out of these shrink-tube connectors.

The right wing is about to be closed. It took over 3 hours to fit the top skins and insert all the rivets.

The Bellcrank Assembly for the aileron with eye bolts mounted and secured. The pushrods will be adjusted and secured during final assembly.

Primed the overlapping part of the top skin.

Top skin test fit.

The main spar rivets of the top skin need dimpling.

Priming mating surfaces of the top skin.

Scotch brite and cleaning metal is a tedious task.

Cables protected with PTE sleeve and secured with zip ties. The RG400 cable is for the Archer VOR antenna that will be mounted inside the wing tip.

Landing and taxi lights have their own AWG-18 ground wire.

The Gesipa hand riveter is nice to get into tight spaces and much better than the cheap one I had laying around.

Down Under …

Bottom skin riveted as far as currently possible.

Bottom skin fits.

Having the jigs level is important for a good fit of the skins.

Lower Wing Stringer attached to the skin.

Cleaning and priming the mating surfaces of the lower wing skin.

Rearranging tables to mount the DRDT2 between them. The wing skins are quite long…

Landing/Taxi-Light bracket M4 rivnuts secured with epoxy to ensure they never come loose.

The wing structure takes shape.

All ribs are riveted
Quite a few holes to drill. You’ll need the #21 120° countersink cutter from browntool.com. One for each main spar!
The main spars are nicely wraped. But which one is the right spar?
This one…

Working on parts of the internal structure of both wings. The part for the other wing is mostly done faster than the first part.

Right rear spar completed. The left spar is also completed.
and primed …
Rear Spar Channel – Cleaning and Deburring

First rib of the right wing primed and assembled.